Unleash Your Inner Typing Ninja with the Perixx PERIBOARD-813B Ergonomic Ke

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As a dedicated writer, I spend hours in front of my computer every day. Unfortunately, this has led to some serious lower back and wrist pain. That's why I was excited to try the Perixx PERIBOARD-813B Bluetooth Ergonomic Keyboard – and let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

First off, the curved Ergo-Lite design is a game changer. It's specifically crafted to reduce strain on your wrists and lower back, which is perfect for anyone dealing with lumbar spine pain or lower back stiffness. Plus, the detachable soft wrist rest provides added support and cushioning for those intense typing sessions.

But the benefits don't stop there. The laptop scissor keys are a dream to type on, with a responsive and satisfying feel. And with Bluetooth connectivity and a USB-C rechargeable battery, it's easy to use and maintain.

Who would this keyboard be a good fit for? Anyone who spends a lot of time typing, particularly those dealing with lower back and wrist pain. It's also great for anyone interested in ergonomic design and promoting a healthy workspace.

Now, let's get into the pros and cons:

- Curved Ergo-Lite design reduces strain on wrists and lower back
- Detachable soft wrist rest for added support and cushioning
- Laptop scissor keys are responsive and satisfying to type on
- Bluetooth connectivity and USB-C rechargeable battery make it easy to use and maintain

- The keyboard only comes in black, so if you're looking for a splash of color, this may not be the keyboard for you.

In conclusion, the Perixx PERIBOARD-813B Bluetooth Ergonomic Keyboard is a fantastic investment for anyone looking to reduce strain on their wrists and lower back while typing. With its innovative design and practical features, it's sure to take your typing game to the next level.

Bottom line: 8.5/10

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