Review: Perixx PERIMICE-508 Ergonomic Mouse

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Ergo-what? Ergonomics, baby! If you want to avoid that "my lower back is killing me" feeling, you've got to think ergonomically. Enter the Perixx PERIMICE-508 Ergonomic Mouse. This wired mouse has got your back - and your wrist, and your arm, and your hand - with its natural vertical right-handed design that helps reduce the strain on your lower spine.

The 1000/1600 dpi sensitivity and 5 programmable buttons make this mouse a great fit for both work and play. And speaking of work, if you're someone who spends all day on the computer, this mouse is a must-have. It's designed with ergonomics in mind, which means it can prevent those pesky dull pains in your lower back, hip, and abdomen that come from sitting at a desk for hours on end.

But let's be real, this mouse isn't just for work. It's also great for gaming. The 5 programmable buttons mean you can customize your gameplay to your liking, and the ergonomic design means you can play for hours without feeling any discomfort.

- Ergonomic design that helps reduce strain on lower spine
- 1000/1600 dpi sensitivity
- 5 programmable buttons
- Great for both work and play
- Affordable price at $13.99

- Only available for right-handed users
- Wired connection limits mobility

Overall, the Perixx PERIMICE-508 Ergonomic Mouse is a great addition to any workspace or gaming setup. Its ergonomic design helps reduce lower back pain and discomfort, making it a great option for anyone who suffers from lower spine pain or a pulled lower back muscle. The 5 programmable buttons and sensitivity options make it versatile enough for both work and play, and its affordable price point of $13.99 is a steal. If you're looking to improve your ergonomics in the workplace or just want a more comfortable gaming experience, this mouse is a must-have.

Bottom line: 8.5/10

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