Ergo-tastic! The ProtoArc EKM01 Ergo Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Combo is

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First off, the split design is a godsend for those of us who suffer from lower back and hip pain. I've been dealing with sharp lower back pain on my right side for years, and I can honestly say that this keyboard and mouse have made a huge difference. The palm rest is super comfortable, and I no longer feel like I'm hunching over my computer all day.

Another great thing about this keyboard and mouse combo is that it's compatible with multiple devices. I switch between my Windows laptop and my Mac desktop all the time, and it's been so convenient to be able to use the same keyboard and mouse for both.

Of course, there are always pros and cons to any product, so here's a quick rundown:

- Split design and palm rest are great for ergonomic health
- Compatible with multiple devices
- Rechargeable, so no need to constantly replace batteries

- Only available in space gray (would be nice to have some other color options)
- Price point is a little high, but worth it if you're serious about ergonomics

Overall, I would definitely recommend the ProtoArc EKM01 Ergo Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Combo to anyone who spends a lot of time typing. Whether you're dealing with lower back and hip pain, or just want a more comfortable typing experience, this keyboard and mouse combo is a game-changer.

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