Ergo-Heaven in a Keyboard: Perixx PERIBOARD-512B BR Split Keyboard Review

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As someone who spends hours glued to their computer, I was on the lookout for a keyboard that would take care of my aches and pains. Enter the Perixx PERIBOARD-512B BR Wired Ergonomic Split Keyboard. This baby has been a game changer for my pelvis and lower back pain - and as a female, I know how important it is to avoid those woes!

The split-key and 3-D design of the keyboard matches perfectly with your natural arm and hand positions, which reduces lower left back pain kidney and lower back muscle spasms. The integrated palm rest supports your wrists in a comfortable position, which can prevent curved spine lower back issues.

The tactile keystrokes on this keyboard are heavenly. They reduce pressure when you press the keys, giving you a more comfortable and responsive typing experience. The plug and play feature is a life-saver, too - just plug it into your computer and get to work with the 7 multimedia hotkeys built right in.

While the keyboard has a Brazilian layout with Ç, it's a great fit for anyone who wants to try a new way of typing. The ergonomic split keyboard design is different from traditional desktop keyboards, so it may take a few days or weeks to get used to. But trust me - the lower back and hip pain on one side cancer and lower back and hip pain on left side are worth powering through.


- Ergonomic design that reduces back pain
- Tactile keystrokes for a comfortable typing experience
- Plug and play feature with 7 multimedia hotkeys
- Brazilian layout with Ç
- Integrated palm rest to support wrists
- New way of typing that's worth getting used to


- None - unless you hate the color black!

In conclusion, the Perixx PERIBOARD-512B BR Wired Ergonomic Split Keyboard is a must-have for anyone looking to reduce lower back pain and maintain proper ergonomics while typing. It's a great fit for those who spend long hours typing away on their computer and want to improve their comfort and productivity. Trust me - your lower abdominal pain and back pain will thank you for the investment. I give it a 10/10 rating!

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